We serve a creative God. Look at the beauty of the world around you. God’ s first recorded act was the act of creation. We value the creation of art as another way for the Spirit of God to manifest in our services. Our goal is to have a real encounter with God. We are one body, with many talents. Different people connect with the Holy Spirit in different ways. Some are inspired by music, dance, prayer and others art. Our art program enhances the worship experience, to bring a new level of inspiration to the service.


If you would like to learn about the Community Mural that was painted during the 2017 Art on the Boulevard and the 2017 Breezefest,  please click HERE.


At times one artistic medium is not sufficient to visually represent that which the Holy Spirit has laid on your heart. We embrace creating mixed media pieces as an outlet for these more complex visions. Our art department is stocked with a myriad of unique pieces from which artists can create their works. Mixed media pieces typically take several days or weeks to complete.

If you have a mixed media piece in mind, please fill out the form below so we can connect you with the Art Director to discuss the specific needs and requirements of your project.


We encourage anyone who feels led to paint to sign up for a spot during worship.


You can sign up in the entryway if you want to paint during service.


Inexperienced artists can attend Creative Art Workshops, or mentor one on one with a member of the Art team to learn how to use the art materials.


Painters are responsible for respectful use of materials as well as cleaning the art supplies they use.


We have a variety of addition art mediums available if you do not wish to paint at the easel. These include colored pencils, water color, and more.

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