Kids should leave church encouraged and strengthened, too.

We desire to create an atmosphere that cultivates growth and ministry for people of all ages. Children are welcome at all services. We also have our Twigs children’s ministry program during bothSunday morning and evening services. We want to make sure that every child has an encounter with God as they grow in their understanding of Him and how much He loves them.

At Tree of Life, we want the children to…

Have Fun

We want every child’s church experience to be a positive one. Children are engaged through games, crafts, play-acting, and more in our newly renovated, over 2200 square foot spacious children’s area. There’s also lots of time for play!

Be and Feel Safe

Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us, and we are committed to creating a safe environment for them. First, this means that all staff and volunteers within the Twigs program have completed background checks. Our entire team is also trained and regularly strives to make sure that your child is in a space that is safe and clean, with their wellbeing in mind.


At Tree of Life, we do not consider children just the Church of Tomorrow, but an integral part of the Church of Today. We take time to engage them in portions of our main service, as well as age appropriate activities and lessons in Twigs. Far more than just “babysitting,” we teach and encourage the children with Bible stories and principles for a positive lasting impact on their faith and life.

Checking In

Usually about 15-20 minutes into service, there will be an announcement posted on the screen saying that it is time to dismiss the children to their specialized learning time. Please accompany your child(ren) to the entryway to sign them in. It typically only takes a minute or two. Parents and guardians will be given a pager if there are any issues with the children while they are learning and playing. At the end of the service, you can pick up your children in the Twigs area.

Our Twigs area can be reached by going up the stairwell to the left of the main entryway once you exit the Sanctuary. We have some signs posted to let you know you are on the right track, and if you see anyone wearing one of our volunteer badges, they can also help you find your way.

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