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Altar Team

Our Altar team wants to help every person who comes to Tree of Life have a new encounter with Christ. The Altar Team is available for you to receive personal prayer during our Communion is a time.

ASL Team

Do you have a heart for the Deaf Community?  Whether you are a fluent interpreter or simply feel a call to reach out to the deaf community for Christ, there are opportunities available for you to volunteer on our ASL team.  

Art Team

We serve a creative God.

Look at the beauty of the world around you. God’s first recorded act was the act of creation.

We value the creation of art as another way for the Spirit of God to manifest in our services. Our goal is to have a real encounter with God.

We are one body, with many talents. Different people connect with the Holy Spirit in different ways. Some are inspire by music, dance, or prayer…

Our art program enhances the worship experience, to bring a new level of inspiration to the service.

Maintanence Team

Are you handy?  We could also use an extra set of hands getting things accomplished around the building.  With a historic building like this, there is no shortage of opportunities for skilled laborers to volunteer some time to help restore and revive this beautiful facility.

Buds/Youth Team

As we get ready to move into our final steps for our Buds/Youth programming which will target kids who are in third grade and up we are looking for a handful of volunteers who can commit to helping on a few weeknights a month with this important service. We are in the final stages of planning so if you are interested in helping, this is the perfect opportunity!

Clothing Room

We give away over 1500+ articles of clothing every month!  The success of our clothing is thanks to generous clothing donations from our community and the incredible work of our volunteers who sort, hang, and organize the donations.

If you are looking for volunteer hours for school or simply want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, join our Clothing Room team and help us clothe our community with confidence.

Follow Up Team

Every Sunday we ask each person at service to give $1 into our Benevolence Fund.  We use this money to help families in need who are experiencing a financial hardship.  The Benevolence Team works together to steward these funds well to be a blessing to our community.

Hospitality Team

The goal of our Hospitality Team provides a warm environment for every person that comes into the church. The Hospitality Team is looking for extra volunteers who can help make coffee, set up pastries and bagels, or be a smiling face at the door.

If you would like to help with the Hospitality Team, text GREET to (412) 744-8

IT Team

Our IT team works hard to keep our church up to date and running smoothly in all IT areas from ministry to administration.  If you are knowledgeable in the IT field and want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, we welcome you to serve on our IT team.

Twigs Team

We have a minimum of 3 volunteers during our Sunday services who help support our Twigs Children’s Ministry.  Twigs is for children crawling through 2nd grade.  These children receive age appropriate lessons, do a craft or game and have a snack.

If you have a heart for children, we would love to have you join our team!

In order to volunteer, you must have criminal and child clearances on file in the church office.

Stream Team

We live stream our Sunday Services every week.  We are looking for people to help us monitor our stream to ensure that those who are not able to make it to service are still able to engage with us as we draw closer to God.

Worship Team

We use a unique mix of musicians to create the worship experience at Tree of Life. We utilize acoustic and electric guitars, electric keyboard, drums, and vocalists.  If you are have a musical gifting and a heart for worship, we would love for you to join our Worship team.

Hello! I’m Stephanie

Follow Up and ASL Team Lead

I really enjoy seeing people motivated in what God has for them and by helping I get to spark that, then that motivates me in return. My gift is encouragement, so I get to function in my gift too… which is what I think church is about. So I get a spark, I get to function in my gift and I get to help others feel heard and valued as leaders.


Our Mission & Values

Our mission is to be REAL is all that we do.  We strive to Restore, Empower, Activate, and Love each person who comes into contact with our ministries.

"This is a charismatic Church, where the worship is fantastic. We have been attending both services and community events. They try to do so much for the community, all with open hearts.'

Lisa Rider

"Wonderful people and kid friendly! Plan to be visiting there more often for Sunday Service!"

Rachel Lynn

"It was so refreshing. After attending a mega church, this was simplistic and so relaxing. I was very moved by the words of their song selections. The pastor just talked to the congregation like he was talking one on one. I did not feel preached at. I felt like I was listening to a friend who knows the bible and had a special relationship with Jesus Christ. I can't wait to return"

Darlene Hoover

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